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Device IdChip DescriptionVendor IdVendor Name
0x002FSpitfire VGA Accelerator0x0033Paradyne Corp.
0x00333Spitfire VGA Accelerator0x0033Paradyne Corp.
0x6800Hauppage Nova -TD-500 DVB-T Tuner Device0x0070Hauppauge Computer Works Inc.
0x68001Hauppage Nova -TD-500 DVB-T Tuner Device0x0070Hauppauge Computer Works Inc.
0x1050ethernet controller0x0402 Acer aspire one
0x56060x47520x0402 Acer aspire one
0x8086video controller0x0402 Acer aspire one
0x9665ZCT8YBT'0x0402 Acer aspire one
0x0805n.a.0x046DLogitech Inc.
0x08ADQuickcam Communicate STX0x046DLogitech Inc.
0x08C6Logitech OEM Webcam0x046DLogitech Inc.
0x08F6QuickCam Communicate0x046DLogitech Inc.
0x092Fmodel number: V-UAP90x046DLogitech Inc.
0x0A1FLogitech G930 Headset0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC281Wingman Force J-UA90x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC312n/a0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC51Bn/a0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC526n/a0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC52AHID Keyboard Device0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC52BUSB Receiver for Wireless Mouse0x046DLogitech Inc.
0xC52EUSB3 receiver0x046DLogitech Inc.
0x2016Driver Windows xp0x0483UPEK
0x24D5Audio Controller0x04B3IBM
0x401 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_293E&SUBSYS_20F217AA&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&D8 0x04B3IBM
0x401PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C6&REV_03\3 267A616A0x04B3IBM
0xb008.oem44.inf0x04F2Chicony Electronics Co.
0xB044Webcam0x04F2Chicony Electronics Co.
0xB217Integrated Camera0x04F2Chicony Electronics Co.
0x0002Inter (R) Core [TM] 2 Duo cpu0x051DACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33A0
0x0200, 0x0201, 0x02Oregon Scientific0x0553 Aiptek USA
0x6362Unknown 4-in-1 card reader (istar)0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x6366Multi Flash Reader USB Device0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x6387USB Mass Storage Device(USB1005B Flash Disk)0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x8CBAPCI Simple Communications Controller0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x9254http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/91600/ETC/AU9254A21.html0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x9540SmartCard Reader0x058fAlcor Micro Corp.
0x0028hid device class blood pressure monitor0x0590Omron Corp
0x021eAlluminium Keyboard IT USB0x05acApple Inc.
0x21eAllumium keyboard it USB 0x05acApple Inc.
0x0408USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller0x05E1D-MAX
0x0501web cam0x05E1D-MAX
0x064eSuyin0x064eSUYIN Corporation
0xa101Acer Crystal Eye Webcam0x064eSUYIN Corporation
0xa116USB 2.0 UVC 0.3M WebCam0x064eSUYIN Corporation
0xA219SUYIN 1.3M WebCam0x064eSUYIN Corporation
0xD217HP TrueVision HD0x064eSUYIN Corporation
0x2303Prolific USB 2 Serial Comm Port контроллеl0x067BProlific Technology Inc.
0x2393prolificz0x067BProlific Technology Inc.
0x25a1Prolific PCLinq3 USB Transfer Cable Driver0x067BProlific Technology Inc.
0x2468http://genius.ru/products.aspx?pnum=24948&archive=10x093aKYE Systems Corp. / Pixart Imaging
0x2608USB\VID_093A&PID_2608&REV_0100&MI_000x093aKYE Systems Corp. / Pixart Imaging
0x2620WEBCAM http://www.canyon-tech.com/archive/voip/webcams/CNR-WCAM53#pr-switcher0x093aKYE Systems Corp. / Pixart Imaging
0x10DEControlador sm0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2000Broadcom Bluetooth Firmware Upgrade Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x200fBroadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter 0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x201dBROADCOM Bluetooth Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x201eIBM Integrated Bluetooth IV0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2033Broadcom Blutonium Device Firmware Downloader0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2035BCM92035NMD Bluetooth0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2038Broadcom Blutonium Device Firmware Downloader (BCM2038)0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2039BROADCOM Bluetooth Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2046Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2047Broadcom USB Bluetooth Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x205eBroadcom Bluetooth Firmware Upgrade Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2101Broadcom Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB dongle0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2102ANYCOM Blue USB-200/2500x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2120Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device with trace filter0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2121Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB Device with trace filter0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2130Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB-UHE Device with trace filter0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2131Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0 USB Device with trace filter0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2145Broadcom BCM9204MD LENO Module0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2148Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 USB UHE Dongle0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2151Broadcom Bluetooth 2.1 USB Dongle0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x2158Broadcom 2046 Bluetooth 2.1 Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x219CBroadcom BCM2070 Bluetooth 3.0+HS USB Device 0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x5800Unified Security Hub0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x5801Unified Security Hub 0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x6300Pirelli ISB Remote NDIS Device0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x6688NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x8613TD 3104 USB vedio grabber 0x0A5CBroadcom Corporation
0x1010 RoMI/o by Egosys - Midi USB Cable0x0A92Egosys, Inc.
0x0C45USB2.00x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x1111USB webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x5243xda exec Uknown device0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6007Genius WebCam Eye0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x600DUSB(v1.1) webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x602Chome made0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x602DUSB Webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6030USB WebCam 0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x610Cusb web camera 0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6128USB веб-камера0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6128_USB PC Camera Plus0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6129USB WebCam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6130USB HUB0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x613AUSB WEBCAM0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x613cUSB Webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6270USB Microscopr0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6270awebcam with mic link works for win 70x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6270_webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x627FUSB\VID_17A1&PID_0118&REV_01000x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x62B3USB 2.0 PC Camera0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x62BFUSB\Vid_0c45&Pid_62bf&Rev_01000x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x62c0Sonix Webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6353USB Microscope0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x641D1.3 MPixel Integrated Webcam used in Dell N5010 series0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6421USB 2.0 Webcam slim 320x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x642FWebcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6489Integrated Webcam Universal Serial Bus controllers0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x6840sonix 1.3 mp laptop integrated webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x7401RDing TEMPer1V1.40x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x9876webcam0x0c45Microdia Ltd.
0x1002Wireless USB 2.0 adapter TL-WN821N0x0cf3TP-Link
0x9271TP-LINK 150 Mbps Wireless Lite N Adapter TL-WN721N0x0cf3TP-Link
0x0102USB 5.1CH audio codec0x0D8CC-Media Electronics, Inc.
0x5200C-Media USB 2.0 Mass Storage Controller0x0D8CC-Media Electronics, Inc.
0x0002D2ufG0 0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x000FStorageWorks Library Adapter (HVD)0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x0046Smart Array 6400 Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x004AGigabit Server Adapter0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x00B1HP Remote Insight Lights-Out II PCI Device0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x00C064Bit,66MHz,Dual Channel WideUltra3 SCSI0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x0508PCI UTP/STP Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x3033HTdOCe 0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x3034GUI Accelerator0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x7020USB Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xA0F0Advanced System Management Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xA0F7PCI Hotplug Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xAe10Smart-2 Array Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xAE31System Management Controller0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xAE32Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP TLAN 2.30x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB01EFast Ethernet NIC0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB0D7Fast Ethernet NIC0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB144Fast Ethernet NIC0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB1A4Gigabit Server Adapter0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB203Integrated Lights Out Processor0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xB204Integrated Lights Out Processor0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0xF150ThunderLAN 2.3 NetFlex-3/P with BNC0x0E11Compaq Computer Corp.
0x0002PCI Simple Communications Controller / Mobiles China0x0E8DMediaTek Inc.
0x0003usb0x0E8DMediaTek Inc.
0x0001PCI-SCSI I/O Processor0x1000LSI Logic
0x000CPCI to Ultra2 SCSI I/O Processor0x1000LSI Logic
0x0030PCI-X to Ultra320 SCSI Controller0x1000LSI Logic
0x0032PCI-X to Ultra320 SCSI Controller0x1000LSI Logic
0x0035PCI-X SCSI Controller0x1000LSI Logic
0x005BLSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS 2208 [Thunderbolt] [1000:005b] (rev 05)0x1000LSI Logic
0x00600x10f90x1000LSI Logic
0x0073IBM ServeRAID M1015, Dell Perc H3100x1000LSI Logic
0x0097SAS3008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-30x1000LSI Logic
0x0640Fibre Channel Adapter0x1000LSI Logic
0x0901USB Controller0x1000LSI Logic
0x1020LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-1 Dell PowerEdge PERC 4/SC0x1000LSI Logic
0x1960RAID Controller0x1000LSI Logic
0x0011OPTO-PCI, 16 IN / 16 OUT 24 VDC0x1001Kolter Electronic - Germany
0x0017PROTO-3 PCI, digital I/O with chipselect0x1001Kolter Electronic - Germany
0x0020Universal digital I/O PCI-Interface0x1001Kolter Electronic - Germany
0x 4370ATI RADEON X300/X550/X1050 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x 6760AMD Radeon HD 6470M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x00000100 (256){4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\00160x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x0002Audio Cipset (SB) Livel0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x0300PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x10024152ATI RADEON 9250 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1043ATI MOBILITY/ATI RADEON X7000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1111ATI Technologies Inc. 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1313AMD Radeon R7 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1419IOMMU Device0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x1714AMD Radeon HD 6410D Audio0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3150ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X6000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3151ATI FireMV 24000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3154ATI MOBILITY FireGL V32000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3171ATI FireMV 2400 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3E50ATI RADEON 68700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3E54ATI FireGL V32000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3E70ATI RADEON X600/X550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x3E74ATI FireGL V3200 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4136Radeon IGP 3200x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4137Radeon IGP 340m0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4150ATI RADEON 9600 Pro Family (Microsoft Driver)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4151ATI RADEON 9600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4152ATI RADEON 9600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4153ATI RADEON 9550/X1050 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4154ATI FireGL T20x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4155ATI RADEON 9600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4158PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AAC8&SUBSYS_AAC8174B&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4168ATI RADEON 9800 SE Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4170ATI RADEON 9600/9550/x1050 Series Secondary (0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4171ATI RADEON 9600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4172ATI RADEON 9600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4174ATI FireGL T2 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4175RADEON 9200 pro secundar0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4242All-In-Wonder 8500DV0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4243Lucent OHCI IEEE1394 Host Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4336Radeon IGP 320M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4337RADEON IGP 345M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4345EHCI USB Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4348USB Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4358PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9553&SUBSYS_00821043&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4361ATI AC97 REALTEK AUDIO DRIVER0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4363ATI SOUTH BRIDGE SB300 DRIVER0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x436EATI 436E Serial ATA Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4370AC-Link Audio0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4373Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4375Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4376PATA 133 Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4378AC'97 Modem Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4379ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x437AATI 437A Serial ATA Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4380&CC_0104RAID/AHCI Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4380&CC_0106AHCI Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4381AHCI/Raid Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4383High Definition Audio controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x438DPCI to LPC Bridge0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x439ATI Technologies SB700 LPCHost Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4390Integrated SATA II Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4392Raid Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4393RAID-Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x439CPATA 133 Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4654113--34004-1040x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x47423D Rage Pro AGP 1X0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4744Rage 3D Pro AGP 2x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4749ATI ALL IN WONDER PRO (8MB)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x474DSLAT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x474E0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x474FI Need Driver for the Chip0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4750ATI 3D Rage Pro 215GP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4752ATI On-Board VGA for HP Proliant 350 G30x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4754Rage 3D II Graphics Accelerator0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x47553d rage 2 + dvd0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4757Rage 3D IIC AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4759m3d agp card on agp slot0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x475ARage IIC AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4966Radeon 9000/9000 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4967Radeon 90000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x496ERadeon 9000/9000 Pro - Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x496FRadeon 9000 - Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4A4AATI RADEON X800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4A54ATI RADEON X800 VE0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4A74ATI RADEON X800 VE Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C423D Rage LT Pro AGP-1330x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C460x94950x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C47Rage 3D LT-G0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C4DRage P/M Mobility AGP 2x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C4ERage Mobility l0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C52Rage P/M Mobility agp0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C53Rage L Mobility PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C54Mach 64 LT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C66ATI MOBILITY RADEON 90000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4C6EATI FireMV 2400 PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4D46Rage Mobility 128 AGP 4x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4D52ATI Theater 550 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4D53TVT2 Wonder Elite0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4E50ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON 9600/9700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4E51ATI RADEON 9600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4E52ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON 95000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x4E71ATI RADEON 9600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5043Rage 128 Pro PC AGP 4x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5044Rage 128 Pro PD PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5046Rage 128 Pro PF AGP 4x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5047 3d Rage pro agp 2x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5049Rage 128 Pro PI AGP 4x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5050Rage 128 Pro PP PCI (TMDS)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5051Rage 128 Pro PQ AGP 2x (TMDS)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5053Rage 128 Pro PS PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5055rage 128 pro agp 4x tmds0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5056Rage 128 Pro PV PCI (TMDS)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5057Rage 128 Pro PW AGP 2x (TMDS)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x514CRadeon 8500 / 8500LE0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5157Radeon 75000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5159Radeon 7000 series AGP 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x515ARadeon VE QZ0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x515ERadeon ES10000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5247Rage 128 RG0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x524BRage 128 VR RK PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x524CRage 128 VR RL AGP 2x0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5446Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5460ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X3000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5464ATI MOBILITY FireGL V31000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x554DATI RADEON X800 CrossFire Edition0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5550ATI FireGL V71000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5551ATI FireGL V51000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x556BATI RADEON X800 GT Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5570ATI FireGL V7100 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5571ATI FireGL V5100 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x564AATI MOBILITY FireGL V50000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x564BATI MOBILITY FireGL V50000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5653ATI MOBILITY/ATI RADEON X7000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5654Mach64 VT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5655Mach 64 VT30x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5656Mach 64 VT4 PCI0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5657ATI RADEON X550/X700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5677ATI RADEON X550/X700 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5834Radeon 9100 IGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5940Radeon 9200 Pro Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5941ATI Radeon 9200 - Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5954ATI RADEON Xpress 2000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5955ATI RADEON Xpress 200M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5960Radeon 9200 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5960 AGPPN 1024-RC26-1F-SA0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5961ATI RADEON 9200 se agp0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5962Radeon 92000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5964Radeon 9200 SE Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5965FireMV 22000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5974ATI RADEON Xpress Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5975ATI RADEON Xpress Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5A42ATI RADEON Xpress Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5A60Video Controller0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5A62ATI Radeon X 2000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5A63ATI RADEON Xpress Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5b60ATI RADEON X300/X550/X1050 Series..0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5b62ATI RADEON X600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B63ATI RADEON X300/X550/X1050 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B64ATI FireGL V31000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B65ATI FireMV 22000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B6OATI RADEON X300/X550/X1050 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B70Radeon0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B72ATI RADEON X600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B730 SerieATI RADEON X300 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B74ATI FireGL V3100 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5B75ATI FireMV 2200 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5C61Mobility Radeon 92000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5C63Mobility Radeon 92000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5D44Radeon 9200 SE Series - Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5D45ATI FireMV 2200 PCI Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5D49ATI MOBILITY FireGL V51000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5d4aATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X8000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5D50ATI FireGL V72000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5D70ATI FireGL V7200 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E48ATI FireGL V50000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E4AATI RADEON X700 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E4BATI RADEON X700 PRO0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E4CATI RADEON X700 SE0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E4DATI RADEON X7000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E4FATI RADEON X700/X550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E68ATI FireGL V5000 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E6AATI RADEON X700 XT Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E6BATI RADEON X700 PRO Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E6CATI RADEON X700 SE Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E6DATI RADEON X700 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x5E6FATI RADEON X700/X550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6740ATI Radeon HD 6700M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6741AMD Radeon HD 6700M/HD 6600M Series 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6741_PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6741&SUBSYS_21E317AA&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6749unknown0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x674AAMD FirePro V3900 graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6750AMD Radeon HD 65700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6758AMD Radeon HD 66700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6759AMD Radeon HD 65700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x675DAMD Radeon HD75700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6760AMD/ATi Radeon 6760M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6779AMD Radeon HD 6470m0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6819PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6819&SUBSYS_32601682&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6840AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6898ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x6899ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68A0ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68A8AMD Radeon HD6870M (at least the one from Dell)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68B8ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68C1ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68C8FirePro v48000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68c9FirePro 3D V38000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68D8ATI Radeon HD 56700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68D9HD 55700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68E0ATI Mobility Radeon HD 54700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68E4Ati Radeon HD 6370Mmobile0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x68f9ATI Radeon HD 54500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7010PCI to AGP Bridge0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7103ATI MOBILITY FireGL V72000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7104ATI FireGL V72000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7105ATI FireGL V53000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7106ATI MOBILITY FireGL V71000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x710EATI FireGL V73000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x710FATI FireGL V73500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7124ATI FireGL V7200 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7125ATI FireGL V5300 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x712EATI FireGL V7300 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x712FATI FireGL V7350 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7140ATI RADEON X1600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7142ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7143ATI RADEON X1300/ X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7145ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X14000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7146ATI RADEON X1300 / X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7147ATI RADEON X1550 64-bit0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7149ATI MOBILITY RADEON X13000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x714DATI RADEON X1300 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x714EATI RADEON X1300 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7152ATI FireGL V33000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7153ATI FireGL V33500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x715EATI RADEON X1300 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x715FATI RADEON X1550 64-bit0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7160ATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7162ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7163ATI RADEON X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7166ATI RADEON X1300 / X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7167ATI RADEON X1550 64-bit Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x716DATI RADEON X1300 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x716EATI RADEON X1300 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7172ATI FireGL V3300 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7173ATI FireGL V3350 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x717EATI RADEON X1300 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x717FATI RADEON X1550 32-bit Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7180ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series =x14000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7181ATI RADEON X1600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7183ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7187ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x718AATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X23000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x718CATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON X13500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x718FATI RADEON X1300 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7193ATI RADEON X1550 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x719BATI FireMV 22500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x719FATI RADEON X1550 64-bit0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71A0ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71A1ATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71A3ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71A7ATI RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71AFATI RADEON X1300 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71B3ATI RADEON X1550 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71BBATI FireMV 2250 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C0ATI RADEON X1600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C1ATI RADEON X1650 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71c2ATI RADEON X1600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C3ATI RADEON X1650 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C4ATI MOBILITY FireGL V52000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71c5ATI MOBILITY / ATI RADEON X16000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C6ATI RADEON X1650 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71C7ATI RADEON X1650 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71CDATI RADEON X1600 Серии0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71ceATI RADEON X1600 Pro / ATI RADEON X1300 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71D2ATI FireGL V34000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71D4ATI MOBILITY FireGL V52500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71DAATI FireGL V52000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E0ATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E1ATI RADEON X1650 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71e2ATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E3ATI RADEON X1300 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E6ATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71E7ATI RADEON X1650 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71EDATI RADEON X1600 Series Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71EEATI RADEON X1600 Pro / ATI RADEON X1300 XT Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71F2ATI FireGL V3400 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x71FAATI FireGL V5200 Secondary0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7205S3G Unichrome IGP KM400/KN4000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7210ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON HD 23000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7249ATI RADEON X1900 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7288ATI RADEON X1950 GT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7291ATI RADEON X1650 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x79Campo Valor Juego de instrucciones x86, x86-64, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE30x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791ATI Mobility Radeon x12000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791aHDMI Audio0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791EATI RADEON X1200 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791FATI Radeon X12500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x791ZREV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7937ATI Technoligies Inc0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7941ATI RADEON Xpress 1200 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x7942ATI RADEON Xpress 12500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9000ATI Radeon 96000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9094ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9400ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x940AATI FireGL V86500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x940BATI FireGL V86000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x940FATI FireGL V76000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9440ATI Radeon HD 48700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9442ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9444ATI FirePro V8750 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9446ATI FirePro V7770 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9447ATI FirePro V8700 Duo (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x944CATI Radeon HD 4800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x944EATI Radeon HD 4700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9450AMD FireStream 92700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9452AMD FireStream 92500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9456ATI FirePro V8700 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9460ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9462ATI Mobility Radeon HD 56500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9480ATI Mobility Radeon HD 46500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9487ATI Radeon Graphics Processor0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x948FATI Radeon Graphics Processor0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9490ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9495ATI RADEON HD46500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9498ATI Radeon HD 46000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x949CATI FirePro V7750 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x949EATI FirePro V5700 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x949FATI FirePro V3750 (FireGL)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94B1ATI Radeon Graphics Processor0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94B3ATI Radeon HD 47700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94B4ATI Radeon HD 4700 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C1ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C3ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO PCI-E0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C4ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C5ATI RADEON HD 2400 LE0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C7ATI RADEON HD 23500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94C8ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON HD 2400 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x94CCATI RADEON HD 24000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9501ATI Radeon HD 38700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9504ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON HD 38500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9505ATI RADEON HD 38500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9507ATI Radeon HD 38300x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9511ATI FireGL V77000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9515ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9519AMD FireStream 91700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9540ATI Radeon HD 45500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9541ATI Radeon Graphics Processor0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x954EATI Radeon Graphics Processor0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x954FATI Radeon HD 43500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9553ATI Mobility Radeon HD 51450x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9555ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9586ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9587ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro AGP0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9588ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9589ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x958CATI FireGL V56000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x958DATI FireGL V36000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x958EATI RADEON HD 2600 LE0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9590ATI RADEON HD 3650 Serieshttp://www.pcidatabase.com/update_device.php?__ec_i=ec.1307313611.e071ed73c0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9595ATI Mobility FireGL V57000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9596ATI RADEON HD 3600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9597ATI RADEON HD 3600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9598ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9599ATI RADEON HD 3600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C0ATI RADEON HD 34700x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C2ATI MOBILITY /ATI RADEON HD 34300x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95c4ATI Mobility Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C5ATI Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C6ATI Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C7ATI RADEON HD 34300x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95C9ATI Radeon HD 34500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95CCATI FirePRO V37000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95CDATI FireMV 24500x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95CEATI FireMV 22600x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x95CFATI FireMV 22600x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9647стандартный vga гр 0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9710ATI Radeon HD 42000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9711ATI Radeon 41000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9712ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250)0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9715ATI Radeon HD 4250 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9803Display driver http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/display-20110404110958.zip0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9804AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9806E-450 APU0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9809ATI Radeon 7310M0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9834PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9834&SUBSYS_380217AA&REV_000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9851AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x9876ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP 2X0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAA01Ati Mobility Radeon HD HDMI Audio realtek0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAA08High Definition Audio Device0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAA20ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAA28Radeon HD 3400 Series0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xaa68 0x000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xAC12(DVB-T) TV tuner/capture device0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xcab2CPU to PCI Bridge0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0xCBB2CPU to PCI Bridge0x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
78000x1002Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x0005DEV_02000x1004VLSI Technology
0x0102PCI to PCI Bridge0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0103PCI to ISA Bridge0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0104Host Bridge0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0105IrDA Controller0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0200RISC GUI Accelerator0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0280RISC GUI Accelerator0x1004VLSI Technology
0x0307Philips Seismic Edge 7050x1004VLSI Technology
0x0702Golden Gate II0x1004VLSI Technology
0x8235U87088R060x100AÂas Ltd. de Phoenix del ƒ de TecnologÃ
0x001BAdvanced PCI Audio Accelerator0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x0020h10/100 MacPhyter3v PCI Adapter0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x002AGeodeLink PCI South Bridge0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x0030Geode VGA Compatible Device0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x0504Video Processor0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x230x100BNational Semiconductors
0xD001PCI-IDE Interface0x100BNational Semiconductors
0x0564Host Bridge0x100EWeitek
0x55CCSouth Bridge0x100EWeitek
0x0002Tulip Ethernet Adapter0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0007NV-RAM0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x000AVideo Codec0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0014Tulip Plus Ethernet Adapter0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0019Olicom RapidFire 2327 Fast Ethernet Adapter0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0025PCI-PCI Bridge0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0046PCI-to-PCI Bridge0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x1011PCI-PCI Bridge0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x1065Mylex DAC1164P Disk Array Controller0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x2000Fault Mgr (3.3v/5v Universal PCI)0x1011Digital Equipment Corporation
0x0038pci0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00A4Alpine GUI Accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00ACVideo card (i guess?)0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00B864-bit VisualMedia Accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00BC64-bit SGRAM GUI accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00D0Laguna VisualMedia graphics accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00D4Laguna 3D VisualMedia Graphics Accel0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00D5Laguna BD0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00D6Laguna 3D VisualMedia Graphics Accel0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x00E80x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1100PCI-to-PC Card host adapter0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1110PCMCIA/CardBus Controller0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1113PCI-to-CardBus Host Adapter0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1200Nordic GUI Accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1202Viking GUI Accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x1204Nordic-lite VGA Cntrlr0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x4000Ambient CLM Data Fax Voice0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x6001CrystalClear SoundFusion PCI Audio Accelerator0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x6003Crystal Sound Fusion a0x1013Cirrus Logic
0x000AISA Bridge w/PnP0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0018TR Auto LANStreamer0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x001Dscsi-2 fast pci adapter0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0020MCA Bridge0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0022PCI to PCI Bridge 0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x002ECoppertime RAID SCSI Adapter0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x004DMPEG-2 Decoder0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x005325 MBit ATM controller0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x005C10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x005DTCP/IP networking device0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x00A1ATM support device0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x010FRemote Supervisor+Serial Port+Mouse/Keyb0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x011BRaid controller0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0142Video Compositor Input0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0144Video Compositor Output0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0156PLB to PCI Bridge0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x01BDMorpheus SCSI RAID Controller0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x01efPLB to PCI-X Bridge0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0295IBM SurePOS Riser Card Function 00x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x0339n/a0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x10e5IBM 4764-001 PCI-X Cryptographic Coprocessor (1410e501)0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0xIBM37C0IBM Netfinity Advanced System Management Processor0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0xIBM37D0n/a0x1014International Business Machines Corp.
0x5343SPEA 3D Accelerator0x1017Spea Software AG
0x333054444698210x1018Unisys Systems
0x1B10VIA chipset0x1019Elitegroup Computer System
0x0005100VG/AnyLAN Adapter0x101ANCR Corporation
0x9033SCSI Controller0x101EAmerican Megatrends Inc.
0x1419AMD Input/Outpu Memory Management Unit0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2001PCnet-Home Networking Ctrlr (1/10 Mbps)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2003Wireless LAN chipset SMC 2602W V3 http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=downloads.doSearchCriteria&loca0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2040Ethernet Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2082Geode GX3 AES Crypto Driver0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2096CS5536 USB Device Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x5e4bRadeon X700 Pro0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7006Processor-to-PCI Bridge / Memory Ctrlr0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7007AGP and PCI-to-PCI Bridge (1x/2x AGP)0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700AAGP Host to PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x700ENorth Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7408PCI-ISA Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7410PCI to ISA/LPC Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7411Enhanced IDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7413Power Management Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7414USB OpenHCI Host Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7440LPC Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7441EIDE Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7443System Management0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7445AC97 Audio0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7446AC97 Modem0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7448PCI Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7458PCI-X Bridge0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7461USB 2.0 Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x746D Audio Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7807Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller - Amd Usb Filter Driver0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x780bSM Bus controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x7814FCH USB XHCI Controller0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x840Used to blow up the motherboard. Highly explosive. Use at ur own risk0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x9642AMD Radeon HD6370D0x1022Advanced Micro Devices
0x2000advanced PCI DirectSound accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x2001PCI Audio0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x2100Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x2200Video adapter0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x8400sausgauos0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x8420Trident Cyber Blade i7 AGP (55)0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x8500Via Tech VT8361/VT8601 Graphics Controller0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x8520Windows xp0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x8620trident0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x935032-bit GUI Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9386Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9388Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9397Video Accelerator 3D0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x939AVideo Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9420DGi GUI Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9520Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9525Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9540Video Acclerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9682Trident A CAB010x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9683GUI Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9750trident dgi0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9753Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9754Wave Video Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9759Image GUI Accelerator0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9880gggggg0x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x9960Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade-1A310x1023TRIDENT MICRO
0x1435USB\VID_0502&PID_3476&MI_01\6&207B7CA8&0&00010x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1445VL Bridge & EIDE0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1531North Bridge0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1533ISA South Bridge0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1535PCI South Bridge0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1541AGP PCI North Bridge Aladdin V/V+0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1542AGP+PCI North Bridge0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1543PCi South Bridge Aladdin IV+/V0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1561driver video0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x1641PCI North Bridge Aladdin Pro IV0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3141GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3143GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3145GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3147GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3149GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3151GUI Accelerator0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x3307MPEG-1 Decoder0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x5229EIDE Controlle0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x5235I/O Controller0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x5237Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 3B290x1025Acer Incorporated
0x5451PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x5453M5453 AC-Link Controller Modem Device0x1025Acer Incorporated
0x0001Expandable RAID Controller (PERC) (SCSI)0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0002Expandable RAID Controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0003Expandable RAID Controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0004Expandable RAID Controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0008RAC Virtual UART Port0x1028Dell Inc.
0x000CEmbedded Systems Management Device 40x1028Dell Inc.
0x000DLSI53C895 PCI to Ultra2 SCSI I/O Processor with LVD Link0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0010HJ866 - ESM4 Удаленный Дос&#0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0011Dell Remote Access Controller v40x1028Dell Inc.
0x0012Dell RAC v4 Virtual UART0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0014Dell Remote Access Controller subsystem0x1028Dell Inc.
0x0287Adaptec 2200S SCSI RAID controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x1000A Intel 537 epg v.92 modem repackaged by dell0x1028Dell Inc.
0x1050ethernet controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x1f0cPCI Simple Communication Controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x1focpci simple communication controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x2107HID Keyboard Device0x1028Dell Inc.
0x3002Dell Wireless 1702 Bluetooth v3.0+HS0x1028Dell Inc.
0x3582video controller0x1028Dell Inc.
0x682130x1028Dell Inc.
0x00004 port usb hub0x102ALSI Logic Headland Division
0x0003USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\6&76F8B18&0&20x102ALSI Logic Headland Division
0x0010i486 Chipset0x102ALSI Logic Headland Division
0x102AP5 Chipset0x102ALSI Logic Headland Division
0x9876P5 CHIPSET0x102ALSI Logic Headland Division
0x0040Matrox P650 very new model (20080724)0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0522Matrox G200e (ServerEngines) - English0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0525Intel Pentium III0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0528Parhelia 128MB/256MB/PCI/HR2560x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0530Matrox G200eV0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x0540M9138 LP PCIe x160x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x1000Twister0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x2527AGP Chipset0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x2537Parhelia Chipset AGP0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x2539Matrox Graphics Board dual DVI0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x4536Video Capture Card0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x522Matrox G200e (ServerEngines)0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x525G45+0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x532Matrox G200eW 8 MB DDR2 0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x657310/100 Multiport Switch NIC0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x80A0Multimedia Device0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x9876Multimedia device0x102BMatrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
0x00C0AGP/PCI Flat Panel/CRT VGA Accelerator0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x00D0Flat panel/crt VGA Cntrlr0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x00D8Flat Panel/CRT VGA Controller0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x00E5VGA GUI Accelerator0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x00F0vga Controller0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x00F4graphic driver0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x01E0PCI Flat Panel/CRT VGA Accelerator0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x0C30AGP/PCI Flat Panel/CRT VGA Accelerator0x102CAsiliant (Chips And Technologies)
0x0020ATM PCI Adapter0x102FToshiba America
0x0030PCI\VEN_80860x102FToshiba America
0x0031Integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Controller0x102FToshiba America
0x0100Realtek RTS5208 Card Reader0x102FToshiba America
0x0107GOKU-S USB Device Controller0x102FToshiba America
0x0805PCI\VEN_1179&DEV_0805&CC_08800x102FToshiba America
0x102FPCI\VEN_1179&DEV_0805&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_05\4&7562792&0&68F00x102FToshiba America
0x5601I/O & JPEG0x1031miro Computer Products AG
0x5607video in and out with motion jpeg compression and deco0x1031miro Computer Products AG
0x6057DC30D-601601-4.00x1031miro Computer Products AG
0x0002PCI to VL98 Bridge0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0007PCI to ux-bus Bridge0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0008GUI Accelerator (vga equivalent)0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0021Nile I0x1033NEC Electronics
0x00293D Accelerator0x1033NEC Electronics
0x002A3D Accelerator0x1033NEC Electronics
0x002f1394 Host Controller0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0034PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_0034&SUBSYS_003410330x1033NEC Electronics
0x00463D Accelerator0x1033NEC Electronics
0x005ANile 40x1033NEC Electronics
0x0063Firewarden IEEE1394 OHCI Host Controller0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0067PowerVR series II graphics processor0x1033NEC Electronics
0x007456k Voice Modem0x1033NEC Electronics
0x009B0x1033NEC Electronics
0x00BE64-bit CPU with Northbridge0x1033NEC Electronics
0x00CDIEEE1394 1-Chip OHCI Host Controller0x1033NEC Electronics
0x00E7IEEE1394 OHCI 1.1 3-port PHY-Link Ctrlr0x1033NEC Electronics
0x00F2IEEE1394+OHCI+1.1+3-port+PHY-Link+Ctrlr0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0165AVerMedia A313 MiniCard Hybrid DVB-T0x1033NEC Electronics
0x0194Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller0x1033NEC Electronics
0x284bn/a0x1033NEC Electronics
0x9876USB 2.0 Host Controller0x1033NEC Electronics
0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
00x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x 7012PCI Audio Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0002Virtual PCI to PCI Bridge (AGP)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0009SIS PMU device0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0016SMBus ControllerP4kjc0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0018vga0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0180SiS 180/181 RAID Controller 0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0191SIS1910x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0200Onboard Graphics Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0204PCI10x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0205PCI Graphics & Video Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0300GUI Accelerator+3D0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x03052D/3D/Video/DVD Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0530Host-to-PCI bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0540Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0550North Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0620Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0630Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0651Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0655Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0660Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0662CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0663CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0730Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0741CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0745Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0748CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0756CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0760Athlon 64 CPU to PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0901SiS900 10/100 Ethernet Adapter0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0962LPC Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0999pci\ven_1039&subsys_200b163&rev_a0\3&61aaa01\0&170x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x1039SiS5597 SVGAa0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x10ecbus controler0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x1185AHCI Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x1234SiS5597 SVGAa0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x191PCI /ven_10390x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x4321Video Controller (VGA Compatible)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5300AGP0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5315GUI Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5591PCI\VEN_10390x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5596 VGA Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5600Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x5630Host-to-PCI Bridge0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6204video decoder/mpeg interface0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6205PCI VGA Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6225PCI Graphics & Video Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6236Graphics0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6306Integrated 3D SVGA Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6325sis-651dx0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6326sis 6326 AGP0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6330GUI 2D/3D Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6355962lua0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x6787Smart Link 56K Voice Modem (download from driverguide.com)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7002USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7007OHCI Compliant FireWire Controller0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7012SiS 7012 Audio Device / Realtek AC'97 Audio0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7013 Smart Link 56K Voice Modem (download from driverguide.com)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7013Smart Link 56K Voice Modem0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7015Software Audio dd0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7019Hardware Audio0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x7502Realtek HDA Audio Driver.0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x813920120x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x96325sis 650 integrated gfx controller (IGP)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x964LPC BRIDGE0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x9876pci vga card for win95 & nt4 only0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x9989Smart Link 56K Voice Modem (download from driverguide.com)0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x_7012PCI Audio Accelerator0x1039Silicon Integrated Systems
0x0024Standard Vista USB Keyboard0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x0180000aHID Keyboard Device0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1005Visialize EG0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x100AHewlett-Packard VisualizeFX Series Video0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1028HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection - HP 3D DriveGuard0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1029Tachyon XL2 Fibre Channel Adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1030DeskDirect 10/100VG LAN Adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1041DeskDirect 10/100VG NIC0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x104DEL-10 Ethernet Adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x10C1NetServer Smart IRQ Router0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1219NetServer PCI Hot-Plug Controller0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x121ANetServer SMIC Controller0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x121BNetServer Legacy COM Port Decoder0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x121CNetServer PCI COM Port Decoder0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1302HP Management Shared Memory Device0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x1F1D3G Broadband device0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x201D3G Broadband device0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x231DHP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x241DHP compaq nx61250x103CHewlett-Packard
0x2910PCI Bus Exerciser0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x292PCI Host Interface Adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x2924PCI Host Interface Adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x292532 bit PCI Bus Exerciser and Analyzer0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x292664 bit PCI Bus Exerciser and Analyzer0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x292764 Bit, 66/50MHz PCI Analyzer & Exerciser0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x294pci hostinterface0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x311dATHEROS AR3011 bluetooth 3.0+HS adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x3207not sure0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x323ASmart Array P410i Controller0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x3302Integrated Lights Out 2.0 Interfaz IPMI0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x5461HP integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless support0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x9876ATHEROS AR3011 bluetooth 3.0+HS adapter0x103CHewlett-Packard
0x0675Crestline0x1043Asustek Computer Inc.
0x1969Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter0x1043Asustek Computer Inc.
0x5653ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1)0x1043Asustek Computer Inc.
0x8103NV31 [GeForce FX 5600 Ultra]0x1043Asustek Computer Inc.
0x82c6Gigabit Ethernet(NDIS 6.0)0x1043Asustek Computer Inc.
0x800A802.11 bg WLAN0x1044Distributed Processing Tech
0xA500PCI Bridge0x1044Distributed Processing Tech
0xA501I2O SmartRAID V Controller0x1044Distributed Processing Tech
0xA0F8PCI USB Controller0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC178pci usb card 2- port0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC556Viper0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC557CPU Bridge (Viper)0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC567Vendetta chipset: host bridge0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC568Vendetta chipset: ISA bridge0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC569Pentium to PCI Bridge0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC70082C700 FireStar PCI to ISA Bridge0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xC701FireStar mobile chipset: host bridge0x1045OPTi Inc.
0xD768Ultra DMA IDE controller0x1045OPTi Inc.
0x0253ELSA GLADIAC 5280x1048ELSA GmbH
0x0C60NVidia Geforce 2 MX0x1048ELSA GmbH
0x0C71NVidia GeForce3 Ti 2000x1048ELSA GmbH
0x0010PowerVR KYRO series 3 graphics processor0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x0210ISA Bridge0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x021AISA Bridge0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x021BISA Bridge0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x0228IDE Controller0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x0230USB Controller0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x3520MPEG-II Video Decoder0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x7108Advanced HD AVC decoder with 3D graphics acceleration0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC00ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC01ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC02ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC03ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC04ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC05ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC06ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC07ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC08ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC09ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0AConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0BConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0CConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0DConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0EConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC0FConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC10ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC11ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC12ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC13ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC14ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC15ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC16ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xCC17ConneXt I/O Hub multifunction device0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xSMO8800ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0xSMO8810STMicroelectronics Freefall Sensor0x104ASTMicroelectronics
0x 803BTexas Instruments Card Reader0x104CTexas Instruments
0x014edevice0x104CTexas Instruments
0x104CPCI Simple Communications Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x3B04otros dispositivos0x104CTexas Instruments
0x3D04Permedia0x104CTexas Instruments
0x3D07AGP Permedia 20x104CTexas Instruments
0x8000LYNX IEEE1394 FireWire Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8009OHCI-Lynx PCI IEEE 1394 Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8010OHCI-Lynx IEEE 1394 Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8019OHCI-Lynx PCI IEEE 1394 Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8020OHCI Compliant FireWire Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x80211394a-2000 OHCI PHY/Link Layer CONTROLLER0x104CTexas Instruments
0x80241394a-2000 OHCI PHY/Link Layer Ctrl0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8033Integrated FlashMedia / Card Reader0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8038Texas Instruments PCI GemCore based SmartCard Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x803aOHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x803cSDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x803DTexas Instruments PCI GemCore based SmartCard controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8119iRDA Compatible Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8201TI UltraMedia Firmware Loader Device0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8204PCI 7510/4510 Cardbus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8232Controladora de vdeo multimedia0x104CTexas Instruments
0x8241Texas Instruments USB 3.0 XHCI Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x9066U.S. Robotics 802.11g Wireless Turbo PC Card 0x104CTexas Instruments
0XA106Fixed Point Digital Signal Processor0x104CTexas Instruments
0xa828PCI-to-PCI Bridge0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC10PC Card Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC13Texas Instruments➢ PCIxx12 Integrated FlashMedia Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC15CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC16PC Card CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC1BPC card CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC23PCI-to-PCI Bridge0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC28PCI-to-PCI Bridge0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC30PC card CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC50PC card cardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC53PC card CardBus Controller - 5-in-1 Media Card Reader0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC54PCCard CardBus Controller w/UltraMedia0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC55PCCard CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC56PCCard CardBus Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0xAC59PCCard CardBus Controller w/UltraMedia0x104CTexas Instruments
0xac60PCI2040 PCI to DSP Bridge0x104CTexas Instruments
0xB000Device ID: 0xB001 0x104CTexas Instruments
0xFE00FireWire Host Controller0x104CTexas Instruments
0x5001Sony Firmware Extension Parser listed as ACPI\SNY5001 in device manager.0x104DSony Corporation
0x6001Sony Programmable I/O Control Device0x104DSony Corporation
0x8009PCI bus 90x104DSony Corporation
0x8039OHCI i.LINK (IEEE 1394) PCI Host Ctrlr0x104DSony Corporation
0x8056Rockwell HCF 56K Modem0x104DSony Corporation
0x8087SONY MPEG ENCODER0x104DSony Corporation
0x0107Spitfire VGA Accelerator0x104EOak Technology
0x0109Video Adapter0x104EOak Technology
0x317Spitfire VGA Accelerator0x104EOak Technology
0x 6692PCI BusISDN S/T-Controllerry0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x0105Ethernet Adapter0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x1050Video capture card mpeg-10x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x8481SD Host Controller0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x9960Video Codec0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x9961H.263/H.261 Video Codec0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
0x9970VGA controller0x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
66920x1050Winbond Electronics Corp.
000300030x1054Hitachi Ltd
0x0002PCI bus Cntrlr0x1054Hitachi Ltd
0x0003hts547575a9e3840x1054Hitachi Ltd
0x0926ISA Bridge0x1055Standard Microsystems Corp.
0x9460Victory66 PCI to ISA Bridge0x1055Standard Microsystems Corp.
0x9461Victory66 UDMA EIDE Controller0x1055Standard Microsystems Corp.
0x9462Victory66 USB Host Controller0x1055Standard Microsystems Corp.
0x9463Victory66 Power Management Controller0x1055Standard Microsystems Corp.
0x2001fPhilips P89C51RD271BA. 1D041700A0. AeD0217G0x1056ICL
0*5600Motorola FM 56 PCI Speakerphone Modem0x1057Motorola
0x0003Integrated Processor0x1057Motorola
0x0006Integrated Processor0x1057Motorola
0x0431100VG Ethernet Controller0x1057Motorola
0x3052MotorolaSM56Modem_PCI device0x1057Motorola
0x3057Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus0x1057Motorola
0x3410Digital Signal Processor0x1057Motorola
0x4801PowerPC Chipset0x1057Motorola
0x4809HotSwap Controller0x1057Motorola
0x5600SM 56 PCI Speakerphone/Data,Fax Modem0x1057Motorola
0x5608Motorola SM56 Speakerphone Modem0x1057Motorola
0x3373FastTrak 378/SATA 378 RAID Controller0x105APromise Technology
0x3574SATAII 150 5790x105APromise Technology
0x3F20FastTrak TX2650(3F21)/4650(3F22)/PDC42819(3716)0x105APromise Technology
0x6622FastTrak S150SX40x105APromise Technology
0x7250Vitesse 7250 SAS RAID0x105APromise Technology
0x493DRevolution 3D0x105DNumber Nine Visual Technology
0x5348Revolution IV0x105DNumber Nine Visual Technology
0x0101EIDE Controller0x1060United Microelectronics
0x0881HB4 486 PCI Chipset0x1060United Microelectronics
0x8710VGA Cntrlr0x1060United Microelectronics
0x8852Pentium CPU/ISA Bridge0x1060United Microelectronics
0x886AISA Bridge with EIDE0x1060United Microelectronics
0x8891586 Chipset0x1060United Microelectronics
0x9018Ethernet0x1060United Microelectronics
0x0000VL Bridge0x1066Picopower Technology
0x0001Vesuvius V1-LS System Controller0x1066Picopower Technology
0x0002Vesuvius V3-LS ISA Bridge0x1066Picopower Technology
0x0005System Controller0x1066Picopower Technology
0x8002ISA Bridge0x1066Picopower Technology
0x1002VolumePro Volume Rendering Accelerator0x1067Mitsubishi Electronics
0x00030x106BApple Inc.
0x0004Video-in0x106BApple Inc.
0x8805100-BaseT LAN Controller0x106CHyundai Electronics America
0x4362Yukon PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (copper)0x106EDFI Inc.
0x0002RPA3 3D-Graphics Controller0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x0004PCI Audio Controller0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x0005DS1 Audio0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x000DYamahaDS1 native audio 0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x0010DS-1 PCI audio controller0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x0012DS-1E PCI Audio Controller0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x1000Sound system0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x9876yamaha0x1073Yamaha Corporation
0x4E78Nx586 Chipset0x1074Nexgen Microsystems
0x1020Fast-wide SCSI - Sparc PCI0x1077QLogic Corporation
0x0000ISA Bridge0x1078Cyrix Corporation
0x0002ISA Bridge0x1078Cyrix Corporation
0x0104Video Controller0x1078Cyrix Corporation
0x0001FRED Local Bus I/F to PCI Peripheral0x107ETesternec
0x0002100 vg anylan Cntrlr0x107ETesternec
0x9080PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller0x107ETesternec
0x9081PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller0x107ETesternec
0x9082PMC ATM Over OC-3/STM-1 Comm Controller0x107ETesternec
0x9090PMC ATM Over T3/E3 Communications Ctrlr0x107ETesternec
0x0802pinacale capture card0x107FData Technology Corporation
0x0600CPU to PCI & PCI to ISA Bridge0x1080Cypress Semiconductor
0x0001Datalaster Interface for OBD automotive0x1085Tulip Computers Int'l BV
0x555532490x1089Data General Corporation
0x0001PCI-VME Bus Adapter0x108ASBS Operations
0x0003PCI to VME Bridge0x108ASBS Operations
0x0010VME Bridge0x108ASBS Operations
0x3000VME Bridge0x108ASBS Operations
0x001910/100 Ethernet Controller0x108DOlicom
0x5000UltraSPARC-IIi Advanced PCI Bridge0x108ESun Microsystems
0x0720Motion JPEG Codec0x1091Intergraph Corporation
0x05500x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x09C8SupraExpress 56i Pro VCC0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x10922710a0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x6120DVD0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x88800x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x8881GUI Accelerator0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x88B0GUI Accelerator0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x88B1GUI Accelerator0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x88F0GUI Accelerator0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x88F1GUI Accelerator0x1092Diamond Computer Systems
0x1180base system device0x1093National Instruments
0x1310Data Acquisition Device0x1093National Instruments
0x13300x1093National Instruments
0x1350 NI PCI-6071E Multifunction I/O & NI-DAQ0x1093National Instruments
0x2A600x1093National Instruments
0x2CA0PCI-6034E0x1093National Instruments
0x702CNI FPGA Modul0x1093National Instruments
0x70b8Multifunction DAQ Device0x1093National Instruments
0x71BC16-Bit, 250 kS/s, 16 Analog Inputs (DSUB37)0x1093National Instruments
0xB091bluethooth0x1093National Instruments
0xC801GPIB Controller Interface Board0x1093National Instruments
0x0640EIDE Ctrlr0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x0641pci eide adapter with raid 10x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x0646EIDE/UDMA Controller0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x064797380x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x0670PCI-USB0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x0673PCI-USB ASIC0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x1392High Definition Audio HDMI output0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x2455SATALink 4-Port PCI-X Host Controller0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x3114SATALink/SATARaid Controller0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x3512SATALink/SATARaid Controllerhttp://www.pcidatabase.com/update_device.php?__ec_i=ec.1378825283.6167860x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x3531SiI 3531 SATA Controller0x1095Silicon Image, Inc.
0x1106Realtek AC97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller0x1096Alacron
0x3059South Bridge0x1096Alacron
0x82804 channel video digitizer cardm0x109APackard Bell
0x0350rb8701.10x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0350&SUBSYS_000000tv tuner driverhj0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0351BrookTree Bt848 Video Capture Device - Audio Section PCI0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0369Video Capture0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036C0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036EAVerMediaAverTV WDM AudioCapture (878)0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036E&SUBSYS_000000Video Capture0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036E&SUBSYS_000000Video Capture0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036FVideo Capture0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0370Video Capture (10 bit High qualtiy cap)0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0878Multimedia Controller Conexant Fusion 878A 25878-13 0549Y1JF0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0879Video Capture (Audio Section)0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0880Video Capture (Audio Section)0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x109EMultimedia Video Controllerm0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x109E - 0x036E0400 video devce0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x2115BtV Mediastream Controller 9x0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x2125BtV Mediastream Controller0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x2164Display Adapter0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x2165MediaStream Controller0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x36e25878-130x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x36E&SUBSYS_0000000conexant 878a0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x8230ATM Segment/Reassembly Controller (SRC)0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x036FVideo Capturee0x109FTrigem Computer Inc.
0x0000ethernet controller0x10A8Sierra Semiconductor
0x00080x10A9Silicon Graphics
0x0010Video I/O0x10A9Silicon Graphics
0x1005USB Pendrive0x10ABDigicom
0x1007usb pendrive0x10ABDigicom
0x8086PCI Simple Communications Controller 0x10ABDigicom
0x0480Integrated PowerPC I/O Processor0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x1078Vision Systems VScom PCI-2100x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x1103Vision Systems VScom PCI-2000x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x1146Vision Systems VScom PCI-010S0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x1147Vision Systems VScom PCI-020S0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x1152ISDN card0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x5406PCI Reference Design Kit for PLX PCI 90540x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x560132-bit; 66MHz PCI Bus Master I/O Accelerator, 17 x 17mm FPBGA0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x6520PCI-X to PCI-X Bridge0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x81111 Lane PCI Express to PCI bridge (PEX8111); 1 Lane PCI Express to Generic Local Bus bridge (PEX8311)0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x8516Versatile PCI Express Switch0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x8532Versatile PCI Express Switch0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x9036Interface chip - value 1k0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x9050Target PCI Interface Chip - value 1k0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x9052PCI 9052 Target PLX PCI Interface Chip0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x9054PCI I/O Accelerator0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x905632-bit, 66 MHz PCI Bus-Mastering I/O Accelerator for PowerQUICC and Generic 32-bit, 66 MHz Local Bus0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x906DPCI Bus Master Interface Chip0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x9080High performance PCI to Local Bus chip0x10B5PLX Technology Inc.
0x00011000BaseSX Gigabit Etherlink0x10B73Com Corporation
0x1007V.90 Mini-PCI Modem0x10B73Com Corporation
0x3390Token Link Velocity0x10B73Com Corporation
0x3590TokenLink Velocity XL Adapter0x10B73Com Corporation
0x5157Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus PC Card0x10B73Com Corporation
0x5920PCI/EISA 10Mbps Demon/Vortex0x10B73Com Corporation
0x5951Fast EtherLink PCI T40x10B73Com Corporation
0x5970PCI/EISA Fast Demon/Vortex0x10B73Com Corporation
0x605510/100 Fast Ethernet MiniPCI Adapter0x10B73Com Corporation
0x6056MiniPCI 10/100 Ethernet+Modem56k (see devid:1007)0x10B73Com Corporation
0x6562Cyclone CardBus PC Card0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9006EtherLink XL TPC0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9041Fast Etherlink XL 10/1000x10B73Com Corporation
0x9050Fast Etherlink XL PCI 10/1000x10B73Com Corporation
0x9051Fast Etherlink XL 10/1000x10B73Com Corporation
0x92003Com 10/100 Managed NIC 3C905CX-TX-M0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9201Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller0x10B73Com Corporation
0x92023C920B-EMB 3Com + Realtek 8201L0x10B73Com Corporation
0x93003ComSOHO100B-TX0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9800Fast EtherLink XL Server Adapter20x10B73Com Corporation
0x9905100FX PCI Server NIC w/3XP0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9908EtherLink 10/100 Server PCI with 3XP0x10B73Com Corporation
0x9909EtherLink 10/100 Server PCI with 3XP0x10B73Com Corporation
0xD004EtherLink XL PCI0x10B73Com Corporation
0xB106CardBus Controller0x10B8Standard Microsystems Corporation
0x0101PCI Audio Device (OEM)0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x0102PCI Audio Device (OEM)0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x0111C-Media Audio Device (OEM)0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1435VL Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1541Aladdin V AGPset Host Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1543Aladdin V chipset South Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1563South Bridge with Hypertransport Support0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1632North Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1641CPU to PCI Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1644AGP System Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1651CPU to PCI Bridge0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x1667AGP System Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x184902\3&267A616A0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3141GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3143GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3145GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3147GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3149GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3151GUI Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3307MPEG-1 Decoder0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x3309MPEG Decoder0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5219Ali M5219 PCI BUS MASTER IDE Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5228M5228 PATA/RAID Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5229&REV_00Ali EIDE0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5229&REV_20PATA 330x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5229&REV_C2PATA 660x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5229&REV_C4PATA 1000x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5229&REV_C5PATA 1330x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5251IEEE P1394 OpenHCI 1.0 Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5253IEEE P1394 OpenHCI 1.0 Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5261Ethernet Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5263ULi PCI Fast Ethernet Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x52802\3&267A616A0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5286Realtek PCIE CardReader0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5287SATA/Raid controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5288M5288 SATA/Raid controller (Asrock 939SLI32-eSata2)0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x5451Ali Audio Accelerator0x10B9Ali Corporation
0X5459PCI Soft Modem V92 NetoDragon0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x7101Power Management Controller0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x9876xhcth700000b0x10B9Ali Corporation
0x0803Ethernet PCI Adapter0x10BDSurecom Technology
0x8139realtek 8139c0x10BDSurecom Technology
0xEA60Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge0x10C4Award Software Int'l Inc.
0x0003MagicGraph 128ZV Video Controller0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x0005MagicMedia 256AV0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x0025MagicMedia 256AV+0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x0083Graphic Controller NeoMagic MagicGraph128ZV+0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x8005MagicMedia 256AV Audio Device0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x8006MagicMedia 256ZX Audio Device0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x8016MagicMedia 256XL+ Audio Device0x10C8Neomagic Corporation
0x9876PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_7110&SUBSYS_106A1734&REV_000x10CAFujitsu Siemens
0x1300ABP-39250x10CDAdvanced System Products
0x10C5Serial Parallel Card0x10CFFujitsu Ltd.
0x200510/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter0x10CFFujitsu Ltd.
0x201ECoral-PA Graphics Chip0x10CFFujitsu Ltd.
0x202Au/k0x10CFFujitsu Ltd.
0x202BCarmine Graphisc adapter0x10CFFujitsu Ltd.
0x0512Fast Ethernet Adapter0x10D9Macronix International Co. Ltd.
0x0532PCI/CardBus Fast Ethernet Controller0x10D9Macronix International Co. Ltd.
0x8626PCI\VEN_10D9&DEV_8626&SUBSYS_00000000&REV_00\4&1F7DBC9F&0&08F0 0x10D9Macronix International Co. Ltd.
0x8627Voodoo Rush MX862510x10D9Macronix International Co. Ltd.
0x88889619E0x10D9Macronix International Co. Ltd.
0x0002SCI bridge on PCI 5 Volt card0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x0004ALTERA STRATIX0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x0010Simple PMC/PCI to S-LINK interface0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x0011Simple S-LINK to PMC/PCI interface0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x001232-bit S-LINK to 64-bit PCI interface0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x0101Acquisition card for the SPS Orbit System (MACI)0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x016ACALICE ODR0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x10DCTTC sr first TTC chip receiver PMC0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x32464 Bit/66MHz PCI to Local Bus Bridge0x10DCCERN-European Lab. for Particle Physics
0x 04EFRiva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x0001SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio0x10DENVIDIA
0x0002HDMI Audio Driver Driver0x10DENVIDIA
0x0003nVIDIA High Definition Audio/HDMI 0x10DENVIDIA
0x0006realtek based HD Audio0x10DENVIDIA
0x0008Edge 3D0x10DENVIDIA
0x0009Edge 3D0x10DENVIDIA
0x000BHDMI Audio Driver Driver
0x0010Mutara V080x10DENVIDIA
0x0011NVIDIA High Def Audio0x10DENVIDIA
0x0018Riva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x0019Riva 128ZX0x10DENVIDIA
0x001DnVidia GeForce FX 5900XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0028 NV05MCP67 0x10DENVIDIA
0x002BRiva TNT20x10DENVIDIA
0x002CNVIDIA Vanta/Vanta LT0x10DENVIDIA
0x002DNVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 AGP 32M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0040NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0041NVIDIA GeForce 68000x10DENVIDIA
0x0042NVIDIA GeForce 6800 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0043NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0044NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0045NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0046NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0047NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0048NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x004DNVIDIA Quadro FX 34000x10DENVIDIA
0x004ENVIDIA Quadro FX 40000x10DENVIDIA
0x0052NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management0x10DENVIDIA
0x0055CK804 SATA/RAID Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0057NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator0x10DENVIDIA
0x0059nForce Audio Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x005EnForce4 HyperTransport Bridge0x10DENVIDIA
0x0066nForce 2 Networking Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0067Nvidia 7050 chipset HDMI Audio0x10DENVIDIA
0x0068EHCI USB 2.0 Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x006BAudio Processing Unit (Dolby Digital)0x10DENVIDIA
0x006DAudio Codec Interface0x10DENVIDIA
0x006EOHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x008CSingle-Port 10/100M Fast Ethernet PHYceiver0x10DENVIDIA
0x0090NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0091NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0092NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0093NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0095NVIDIA GeForce 7800 SLI0x10DENVIDIA
0x0098NVIDIA GeForce Go 78000x10DENVIDIA
0x0099NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x009CNVIDIA Quadro FX 350M0x10DENVIDIA
0x009DNVIDIA Quadro FX 45000x10DENVIDIA
0x00A0Aladdin TNT20x10DENVIDIA
0x00C0NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x00C1NVIDIA GeForce 68000x10DENVIDIA
0x00C3NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x00C8NVIDIA GeForce Go 68000x10DENVIDIA
0x00C9NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x00CCNVIDIA Quadro FX Go 14000x10DENVIDIA
0x00CDNVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI0x10DENVIDIA
0x00CENVIDIA Quadro FX 14000x10DENVIDIA
0x00D0LPC Bridge0x10DENVIDIA
0x00D4SMBus Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x00D8Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x00D9Agere System PCI Soft Modem0x10DENVIDIA
0x00E3CK8S SATA/RAID Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x00E5Parallel ATA Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x00EAAudio Codec Interface (Realtek ALC658)0x10DENVIDIA
0x00F1NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x00F2NVIDIA GeForce 66000x10DENVIDIA
0x00F3NVIDIA GeForce 62000x10DENVIDIA
0x00F4NVIDIA GeForce 6600 gt0x10DENVIDIA
0x00F5NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x00F6NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS/XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x00F8NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400/44000x10DENVIDIA
0x00F9NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Series GPU0x10DENVIDIA
0x00FDNVIDIA Quadro PCI-E Series0x10DENVIDIA
0x00FENVIDIA Quadro FX 13000x10DENVIDIA
0x0102GeForce 256 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0103NVIDIA Quadro0x10DENVIDIA
0x0110NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 4000x10DENVIDIA
0x0111NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/2000x10DENVIDIA
0x0112NVIDIA GeForce 9800gt0x10DENVIDIA
0x0112hNvidia GeForce2 Go/MX Ultra Video Adapter0x10DENVIDIA
0x0140NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0141nVIDIA GeForce 6600 PCI-E Video Adapter0x10DENVIDIA
0x0142NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0143NVIDIA GeForce 6600 VE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0144NVIDIA GeForce Go 66000x10DENVIDIA
0x0145NVIDIA GeForce 6610 XL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0146NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 TE/6600 TE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0147NVIDIA GeForce 6700 XL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0148NVIDIA GeForce Go 66000x10DENVIDIA
0x0149NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x014ANVIDIA Quadro NVS 4400x10DENVIDIA
0x014CNVIDIA Quadro FX 540M0x10DENVIDIA
0x014DNVIDIA Quadro FX 5500x10DENVIDIA
0x014ENVIDIA Quadro FX 5400x10DENVIDIA
0x014FNVIDIA GeForce 62000x10DENVIDIA
0x0150NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro0x10DENVIDIA
0x0151NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti0x10DENVIDIA
0x0152NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0153NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro0x10DENVIDIA
0x0160NVIDIA GeForce 6500 0x10DENVIDIA
0x0161NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)0x10DENVIDIA
0x0162NVIDIA GeForce 6200SE TurboCache(TM)0x10DENVIDIA
0x0163NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0165NVIDIA Quadro NVS 2850x10DENVIDIA
0x0166NVIDIA GeForce Go 62500x10DENVIDIA
0x0167NVIDIA GeForce Go 62000x10DENVIDIA
0x0168NVIDIA GeForce Go 64000x10DENVIDIA
0x0169NVIDIA GeForce 62500x10DENVIDIA
0x016aNVIDIA GeForce 7100 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0170NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4600x10DENVIDIA
0x0171NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP 4X 64mb0x10DENVIDIA
0x0172NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4200x10DENVIDIA
0x0173NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440-SE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0174NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0175NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0176NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 Go 32M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0177NVIDIA GeForce4 460 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0178NVIDIA Quadro4 550 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0179NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 Go 64M0x10DENVIDIA
0x017BQuadro4 550 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x017CNVIDIA Quadro4 500 Go GL0x10DENVIDIA
0x017DNVIDIA GeForce4 410 Go 16M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0181NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x0182NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440SE with AGP8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x0183NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 with AGP8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x0185NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 128 mb 64 bit0x10DENVIDIA
0x0186NVIDIA GeForce4 448 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0187NVIDIA GeForce4000 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0188NVIDIA Quadro4 580 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x018ANVIDIA Quadro NVS with AGP8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x018BNVIDIA Quadro4 380 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x018DNVIDIA GeForce4 448 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0191NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0193NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0194NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0197NVIDIA Tesla C8700x10DENVIDIA
0x019DNVIDIA Quadro FX 56000x10DENVIDIA
0x019ENVIDIA Quadro FX 46000x10DENVIDIA
0x01A0NVIDIA GeForce2 Integrated GPU0x10DENVIDIA
0x01ABMemory Controller (DDR)0x10DENVIDIA
0x01B0nForce Dolby Digital Audio Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x01B4nForce 1/2 SMBus Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x01C1AC97 Modem0x10DENVIDIA
0x01C3nForce Networking Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D0NVIDIA GeForce 7350 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D1NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D2NVIDIA GeForce 7550 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D3NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D5NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x01D7NVIDIA GeForce Go 73000x10DENVIDIA
0x01D8NVIDIA GeForce Go 74000x10DENVIDIA
0x01DDNVIDIA GeForce 7500 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x01DENVIDIA Quadro FX 3500x10DENVIDIA
0x01DFNVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x01F0NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU0x10DENVIDIA
0x0200NVIDIA GeForce30x10DENVIDIA
0x0201NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 2000x10DENVIDIA
0x0202NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 5000x10DENVIDIA
0x0211NVIDIA GeForce 68000x10DENVIDIA
0x0212NVIDIA GeForce 6800 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0215NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0218NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0221nVidia Geforce 6200 AGP0x10DENVIDIA
0x0222NVIDIA GeForce 6200 A-LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0240NVIDIA GeForce 61500x10DENVIDIA
0x0241NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0242NVIDIA GeForce 61000x10DENVIDIA
0x0245NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210S / NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0250NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 46000x10DENVIDIA
0x0251NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 44000x10DENVIDIA
0x0252NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti0x10DENVIDIA
0x0253NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 42000x10DENVIDIA
0x0258NVIDIA Quadro4 900 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0259NVIDIA Quadro4 750 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x025BNVIDIA Quadro4 700 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0264NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management0x10DENVIDIA
0x0265Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0266NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Serial ATA Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0267NVIDIA nForce 430/410 Serial ATA Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0268NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0269NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet0x10DENVIDIA
0x026CRealtek HD Audio Driver0x10DENVIDIA
0x026eMCP51 USB Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0271NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0280NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 48000x10DENVIDIA
0x0281NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x0282NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0286NVIDIA GeForce4 4200 Go0x10DENVIDIA
0x0288NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0289NVIDIA Quadro4 780 XGL0x10DENVIDIA
0x028CNVIDIA Quadro4 700 Go GL0x10DENVIDIA
0x0290NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0291NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO0x10DENVIDIA
0x0292NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0293NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX20x10DENVIDIA
0x0294NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX20x10DENVIDIA
0x0295NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0297NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0298NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0299NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x029BNVIDIA Quadro FX 1500M0x10DENVIDIA
0x029CNVIDIA Quadro FX 55000x10DENVIDIA
0x029DNVIDIA Quadro FX 35000x10DENVIDIA
0x029ENVIDIA Quadro FX 15000x10DENVIDIA
0x029FNVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 X20x10DENVIDIA
0x02A0NVIDIA NV2A GeForce 3 Integrated (XBOX)0x10DENVIDIA
0x02e0NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x02E1NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x02E2NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x02E3NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x02E4NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0301NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0302NVIDIA GeForce FX 58000x10DENVIDIA
0x0308NVIDIA Quadro FX 20000x10DENVIDIA
0x0309NVIDIA Quadro FX 10000x10DENVIDIA
0x0311NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0312NVIDIA GeForce FX 56000x10DENVIDIA
0x0314NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x031ANVIDIA GeForce FX Go 56000x10DENVIDIA
0x031BNVIDIA GeForce FX Go 56500x10DENVIDIA
0x031CNVIDIA Quadro FX Go 7000x10DENVIDIA
0x0320NVIDIA GeForce FX 52000x10DENVIDIA
0x0321NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0322NVIDIA GeForce FX 52000x10DENVIDIA
0x0323NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0324NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 64mb0x10DENVIDIA
0x0325NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5250/55000x10DENVIDIA
0x0326NVIDIA GeForce FX 55000x10DENVIDIA
0x0327NVIDIA GeForce FX 51000x10DENVIDIA
0x0328NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 32/64M0x10DENVIDIA
0x032ANVIDIA Quadro NVS 55/280 PCI0x10DENVIDIA
0x032BNVIDIA Quadro FX 500/FX 6000x10DENVIDIA
0x032CNVIDIA GeForce FX Go 53x00x10DENVIDIA
0x032DNVIDIA GeForce FX Go 51000x10DENVIDIA
0x0330NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0331NVIDIA GeForce FX 59000x10DENVIDIA
0x0332NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900XT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0333NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0334NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900ZT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0338NVIDIA Quadro FX 30000x10DENVIDIA
0x033FNVIDIA Quadro FX 7000x10DENVIDIA
0x0341NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra0x10DENVIDIA
0x0342NVIDIA GeForce FX 57000x10DENVIDIA
0x0343NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0344NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700VE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0347NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 57000x10DENVIDIA
0x0348NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 57000x10DENVIDIA
0x034CNVIDIA Quadro FX Go 10000x10DENVIDIA
0x034ENVIDIA Quadro FX 11000x10DENVIDIA
0x0368SMBus controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0371High Definition Audio Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0373NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x038BNVIDIA GeForce 7650 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0390NVIDIA GeForce 7650 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0391NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0392NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0393NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0394NVIDIA GeForce 7600 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0395NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0398NVIDIA GeForce Go 76000x10DENVIDIA
0x039ENVIDIA Quadro FX 5600x10DENVIDIA
0x03ACNvidia Quadro FX 880M0x10DENVIDIA
0x03D0NVIDIA GEForce 6150SE nForce 4300x10DENVIDIA
0x03D1nForce 520 LE0x10DENVIDIA
0x03D2NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 4000x10DENVIDIA
0x03D5NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 4200x10DENVIDIA
0x03D6NVidia GeForce 7025 nForce 630a0x10DENVIDIA
0x03E0PCI standard ISA bridge0x10DENVIDIA
0x03ebNVIDIA nForce PCI Система Управление0x10DENVIDIA
0x03ECMCP61 PATA Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x03EFNvidia Networking Card0x10DENVIDIA
0x03EF &GeForce 61000x10DENVIDIA
0x03F0Realtek High Defnition Audio getarnt als nVidia MCP0x10DENVIDIA
0x03F4NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0400NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0401NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0402NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0403NVIDIA GeForce 8600GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0404NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0406NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0407NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0409Nvidia GeForce 8700M GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x040aNVIDIA Quadro FX 3700x10DENVIDIA
0x040CMobile Quadro FX/NVS video card0x10DENVIDIA
0x040ENVIDIA Quadro FX 5700x10DENVIDIA
0x040FNVIDIA Quadro FX 17000x10DENVIDIA
0x0420NVIDIA GeForce 8400 SE0x10DENVIDIA
0x0421NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0422NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0423NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0424NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0425NVIDIA 8600m GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0427Geforce 8400M GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0428NVIDIA GeForce 8400M G0x10DENVIDIA
0x0429nVidia Quadro NVS 135M or Quadro NVS 140M 0x10DENVIDIA
0x042bNVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M0x10DENVIDIA
0x042CNVIDIA GeForce 8600gts0x10DENVIDIA
0x042DQuadro FX 360 M (Mobile)0x10DENVIDIA
0x042EMobile graphics0x10DENVIDIA
0x042fNVIDIA Quadro NVS 2900x10DENVIDIA
0x0447NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x04EFRiva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x0531NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M (UMA)0x10DENVIDIA
0x0533nVidia GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M0x10DENVIDIA
0x053ANVIDIA GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a0x10DENVIDIA
0x053BNVIDIA GeForce 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a0x10DENVIDIA
0x053ENVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a0x10DENVIDIA
0x054IDE Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x054cMCP67 Ethernet Vista0x10DENVIDIA
0x0550PCI Ethernet controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x05E1NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2800x10DENVIDIA
0x05E2NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2600x10DENVIDIA
0x05E6NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M0x10DENVIDIA
0x05E7NVIDIA Tesla C10600x10DENVIDIA
0x05F8NVIDIA Quadroplex 2200 S40x10DENVIDIA
0x05FDNVIDIA Quadro FX 58000x10DENVIDIA
0x05FENVIDIA Quadro FX 48000x10DENVIDIA
0x05FFNVIDIA Quadro FX 38000x10DENVIDIA
0x0600NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 5120x10DENVIDIA
0x0601NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0602NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0604NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX20x10DENVIDIA
0x0605NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0606NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0608NVIDIA Geforce 9800M GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x060DNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0610NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GSO0x10DENVIDIA
0x0611NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0612NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+0x10DENVIDIA
0x0613NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+0x10DENVIDIA
0x0614NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0615GeForce GTS 2500x10DENVIDIA
0x0619NVIDIA Quadro FX 4700 X20x10DENVIDIA
0x061ANVIDIA Quadro FX 37000x10DENVIDIA
0x061BNVIDIA Quadro VX 2000x10DENVIDIA
0x061DNvidia Quadro 2800M0x10DENVIDIA
0x061FNVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0623NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0625NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO 5120x10DENVIDIA
0x062DNVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x062ENVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0637NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0638NVIDIA Quadro FX 18000x10DENVIDIA
0x064081yJUT 0x10DENVIDIA
0x0641NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0642NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0643NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0644NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0645NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0646Geforce 9500GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0648NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x0649nVidia GeForce 9600M GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x064AGeForce 9700M GT0x10DENVIDIA
0x0654NVIDIA (0x10de)0x10DENVIDIA
0x0658Quadro FX0x10DENVIDIA
0x06C4nVidia GTX 4650x10DENVIDIA
0x06CDNvidia Gefore GTX 4700x10DENVIDIA
0x06ddnVidia Quadro 40000x10DENVIDIA
0x06E0NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE0x10DENVIDIA
0x06E1NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x06E2NVIDIA GeForce 84000x10DENVIDIA
0x06E3NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x06E4NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x06E6nVidia G1000x10DENVIDIA
0x06E7NVIDIA GeForce 9300 SE0x10DENVIDIA
0x06E9NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x06eanvidia quadro nvs 150m0x10DENVIDIA
0x06EBQuadro NVS 160M0x10DENVIDIA
0x06ECNVIDIA GeForce G105M (Acer Aspire 5738z)0x10DENVIDIA
0x06F8NVIDIA Quadro NVS 4200x10DENVIDIA
0x06F9NVIDIA Quadro FX 370 LP0x10DENVIDIA
0x06FDNVidia NVS 2950x10DENVIDIA
0x0753NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0760NForce Network Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x07D8nForce 7100-630i (MCP73PV)0x10DENVIDIA
0x07DCnForce 7100-630i (MCP73PV)0x10DENVIDIA
0x07denot known0x10DENVIDIA
0x07E0NVIDIA GeForce 7150m graphics0x10DENVIDIA
0x07E1NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i0x10DENVIDIA
0x07E2NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630i0x10DENVIDIA
0x07E3NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i0x10DENVIDIA
0x07E5NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 620i0x10DENVIDIA
0x07fcHigh Definition Audio Bus0x10DENVIDIA
0x0848NVIDIA GeForce 83000x10DENVIDIA
0x0849NVIDIA GeForce 82000x10DENVIDIA
0x084ANVIDIA nForce 730a0x10DENVIDIA
0x084BNVIDIA GeForce 82000x10DENVIDIA
0x084CNVIDIA nForce 780a SLI0x10DENVIDIA
0x084DNVIDIA nForce 750a SLI0x10DENVIDIA
0x084FNVIDIA GeForce 8100 / nForce 720a0x10DENVIDIA
0x0860NVIDIA GeForce 93000x10DENVIDIA
0x0861NVIDIA GeForce 94000x10DENVIDIA
0x0863NVIDIA GeForce 9400M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0864NVIDIA GeForce 93000x10DENVIDIA
0x0865NVIDIA GeForce 93000x10DENVIDIA
0x0866NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G0x10DENVIDIA
0x0868NVIDIA nForce 760i SLI0x10DENVIDIA
0x086ANVIDIA GeForce 94000x10DENVIDIA
0x086CNVIDIA GeForce 9300 / nForce 730i0x10DENVIDIA
0x086DNVIDIA GeForce 92000x10DENVIDIA
0x086FGeForce 8200M G0x10DENVIDIA
0x0871NVIDIA GeForce 92000x10DENVIDIA
0x087ANVIDIA Quadro FX 4700x10DENVIDIA
0x0a23nvidia geforce 2100x10DENVIDIA
0x0A29NVIDIA GeForce GT-330M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0a2cQuadro NVS 5100M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A38nVidia quadro 4000x10DENVIDIA
0x0A38anVidia quadro 400 / 600 / 2000 / NVS 3000x10DENVIDIA
0x0A65Nvidia 200 Series0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A6CNVidia NVS 5100M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A6FIon next gen small size chip0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A70vga nVidia 显示驱动程序0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A73NVIDIA ION Graphic driver0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A75GeForce 310M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A78NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 LP0x10DENVIDIA
0x0A7BNvidia GT218 [GeForce 505] 0x10DENVIDIA
0x0aa3nForce 730i SMBus Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0AD0SATA Controller IDE mode0x10DENVIDIA
0x0BC4AHCI Controller0x10DENVIDIA
0x0BE3Riva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x0CA3GeForce GT 2400x10DENVIDIA
0x0DCDNvidia GeForce GT555M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0DE3nVidia GT 635M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0DF5NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M [VISTA,WIN7/64bits]0x10DENVIDIA
0x0DF8Quadro 600 rev a10x10DENVIDIA
0x0DFANvidia Quadro 1000M0x10DENVIDIA
0x0E22GTX 4600x10DENVIDIA
0x0F00NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX0x10DENVIDIA
0x0FC2NVIDIA GeForce 332.210x10DENVIDIA
0x0FF6NVIDIA Quadro K1100M0x10DENVIDIA
0x100cGeForce GTX TITAN Black0x10DENVIDIA
0x1021K20X passive cooling0x10DENVIDIA
0x1022K20 active cooling0x10DENVIDIA
0x1040Nvidia GeForce GT5200x10DENVIDIA
0x104ANVIDIA GeForce GT 6100x10DENVIDIA
0x1050Nvidia GeForce GT 540M0x10DENVIDIA
0x1054Vvideo Карты0x10DENVIDIA
0x1056NVidia NVS 4200m0x10DENVIDIA
0x10C3NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS0x10DENVIDIA
0x10C5Nvidia Geforce 405(OEM)0x10DENVIDIA
0x10DERiva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x10DE-1004GTX780 0x10DENVIDIA
0x10de3riva 1280x10DENVIDIA
0x1112Gateway Solo 9550 NVIDIA Geforce 2 GO 32 MB0x10DENVIDIA
0x11C6NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti0x10DENVIDIA
0x11FANVidia Quattro K40000x10DENVIDIA
0x1201NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5600x10DENVIDIA
0x1202nvidia gtx 560 ti0x10DENVIDIA
0x1244GeForce GTX 5500x10DENVIDIA
0x1251Nvidia Geforce GTX 560m (MXM 3.0b)0x10DENVIDIA
0x1341NVIDIA GeForce 840M0x10DENVIDIA
0x135mnavidia quadro nvs135m0x10DENVIDIA
0x161GeForce 6200 TurboCache0x10DENVIDIA
0x181GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8X0x10DENVIDIA
0x247PCIGeforce 6100 Go0x10DENVIDIA